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Risk Management

<b><i>Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability</i></b>

Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability

The goal of risk management planning is straightforward: to understand the risks that could prevent you from meeting your goals and the options for addressing those risks, and then create strategies to minimize their impact.


To achieve this goal, we help you do the following:

  • Properly review and choose employee benefits that are consistent with your financial plan

  • Understand the different types of life insurance and the most appropriate type(s) for you to purchase

  • Make sure that your spouse and children will remain financially on track if you predecease them

  • Minimize the impact of a short or long term disability on your family's financial goals

  • Minimize potential costs of health care after retirement when you no longer have employer-provided health insurance

  • Ensure sure you can pay for long term care when your spouse or you need it


We have access to a full spectrum of insurance products designed to help you manage the risks of premature death, disability and health care. We can provide guidance in choosing the type of coverage that is appropriate for you and your family, including those available through your employer and insurance products offered through Lincoln affiliates and other fine companies.