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Investment Planning

Client Centered

Investors have seen many changes in the investment marketplace in their lives:  the number of financial products has multiplied, investment choices are more complicated, access to information is easier and information is more detailed.  They have lived through several recessions, long stretches of prosperity, markets with both strong and poor performance, and increasing levels of volatility.

The goal of investment optimization is very simple:  to increase the probability that your family will meet its goals by creating an investment strategy that is specifically tied to your objectives. 

We work with you to achieve this goal by helping you:

  • Coordinate all of your resources (retirement accounts, annuities, real estate investments, taxable investments, life insurance policies, etc.) to support your investment strategy
  • Decrease the impact that income taxes have on investment return both before and after you begin taking income
  • Minimize portfolio risk, for the target return, or maximize portfolio return for the risk you are comfortable taking
  • Calculate the probability that various strategies will allow you to meet your financial objectives
  • Decrease your chance of failure by not getting caught up in the most popular investment choice of the day
  • Choose money managers who have successful track records as a result of skill rather than luck
  • Reduce the probability of getting off track by learning how to monitor your success (or failure) and establishing steps to improve the situation

Five Essential Investment Planning Steps:

  1. Establish Your Objectives
  2. Determine Your Investment Style
  3. Evaluate Investments
  4. Choose an Appropriate Investment Plan
  5. Execute and Periodically Examine the Plan