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Education Funding

Client Centered

For many families, paying for college today has the potential to significantly decrease retirement income later.  Although funding a child's college education is an expensive proposition, it need not be an impossible one. 

While getting an early start is key, it’s never too late to begin saving for the educational objectives of those you care about. Taking action, now, may play a part in reducing the amount you, or the account beneficiary, may need to borrow to pay for school. The goal of education funding planning is straightforward:  to minimize the after-tax cost of college for the family. 


To achieve this goal, we work with you to help:

  • Select the appropriate investment vehicles for college savings
  • Minimize the impact of financial market volatility on college savings accounts
  • Lessen the impact that paying for college will have on your other financial goals
  • Reduce the cost of college by properly taking advantage of opportunities in the tax code